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Play, interact, cooperate, discover, and experience!

Experience Workshop is a Finnish expert company of innovative education. With us anybody can learn mathematics through the arts, and make art with mathematics. Our aim is to involve children, parents and teachers into a vibrant and creative dialogue between the mathematical and artistic way of looking at the world.

Teacher training

Experience Workshop offers online and offline training in STEAM, multidisciplinary learning and Finnish education. We also  provide professional development programs and curriculum advisory training for all those people and institutions, who want to invest in their future.

Educational toolkits

Experience Workshop’s toolkits span K-12 education. Choose your school box and we round it up with a free online training course. Get to know 4DFrame, LUX, Poly-Universe, Itsphun, caraWonga and other brands from our webshop.

Research expertise

Experience Workshop researches STEM and STEAM education; inquiry-based, cooperative, playful and experience-oriented mathematics education; connects hands-on activities with digital modeling; combines science and art; covers phenomenon-based and multidisciplinary learning. We develop resources for teachers, parents and students: books, methodological resources, scientific articles, a lot of which is available open-access.

About us

Experience Workshop was launched as the collaborative effort of mathematicians, visual artists, teachers, parents and children in 2008. Over the years we have organized countless math-art-education events, exhibitions, workshops, seminars and trainings all over Europe and Africa, America, Asia, Australia. The members of our international network are teachers, artists, scholars, craftsmen and toymakers from all over the world.

Experience Workshop Oy

Dr Kristof Fenyvesi STEAM director
Nora Somlyody CEO

Ask more about STEAM

Are you interested in STEAM learning and teaching. Contact us, and we'll tell you more!

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