A game of flexible thinking

Challenge your thinking with 88 different puzzles

How to play?

Award-winning puzzle game

IPP39 Puzzle Design Competition - Jury First Prize - Parents’ Choice Gold Award Museum Store Association - Best Education & Games - 2020 Buyer’s Choice Award Mom’s Choice Awards

A challenge for all ages

Kids (ages 8-11)

Thinking is fun! Mondrian Blocks is the perfect game to challenge the young ones' thinking, keep them engaged and entertained.

Teenagers (ages 12-17)

Play it solo, with friends, or even make a competition out of it! Your brain is just like a muscle, waiting to be exercised and challenged.

Adults (ages 18-64)

The best way of relaxing is to switch off the problems of daily life. Solving the Mondrian Blocks is a perfect way to wind down or simply to challenge yourself.

Elderly (ages 65+)

It's fun to play at any age and doesn't get boring even after hours and hours of solving different puzzles. A great way to keep your thinking skills fresh.

What's inside the box?

Ways to play

On your own

Don't be surprised if you find yourself solving challenges for hours without noticing time passing by!

As a team

Challenge your friends, family, and loved ones to help solve a puzzle. A great way to spend quality time together.


Game on, let's see who can solve the same challenge faster! A great activity for parties, get togethers, and even in school.

Where to play?

At home

It's always great to play Mondrian Blocks at home, be it on the couch, at the dinner table or at your desk.

On the go

The game comes in a compact, light and easy travel case so you can take it with you on the go and play it everywhere.

On your phone

Our free app is available on all Apple and Android devices. Download it from your app store and play it today.

Collect them all!

Four editions, each with 88 different challenges inside.

Play on your phone

Download our free apps, and start playing today.

Contact us

We welcome your comments, questions and inquiries at: info@experienceworkshop.org

Mondrian Blocks was developed by Smart Egg Production & Licensing PTE. LTD.

Experience Workshop ay is the Mondrian Blocks distributor in Finland and Sweden.

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