LUX STEAM small group set

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The Small Group Set is ideal for groups of 12 students with a large assortment of parts designed to explore STEAM concepts across the curriculum and is offered in both a bright and a neutral color palette.

Called the “next level LEGO” by the New York Magazine, Lux is a revolution in construction. Modeled after nature at the molecular level, LUX connects through linking, instead of sticking or stacking, and therefore gives the immediate experience of the world of kinematics. Now this wonderful moving aspect of our universe can be accessed in playing and learning experience!

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LUX squares: the prismatic building blocks of nature that snap together
LUX trigons: anti-prismatic shapes, integral to building complex structures.
LUX multi-wheel and axles: functioning as wheels or a gear and pulley system (sizes vary).








This STEAM set will give your students what they need to have in class team design challenges: explore machines and mathematical concepts; build biological and chemical structures; test engineering and physics theories; and create projects in computer science, art, architecture, and design. This set is also well-suited for maker spaces, after school programs, scouting groups, and team-building exercises.

The bright palette includes:

  • 400 Lux squares – 100 each of neon green, neon orange, neon pink, and purple

The neutral palette includes:

  • 400 Lux squares – 100 each of black, gray, olive, and white

Each set also includes:

  • 200 Lux trigons – 100 each of black and white
  • 20 large Lux multi-wheels (also function as gears and pulleys)
  • 20 small Lux multi-wheels (also function as gears and pulleys)
  • 20 large Lux axles
  • 20 medium Lux axles
  • 20 small Lux axles
  • 20 giant 7″ rubber bands

Download the Teacher’s Primary Introduction Guide from here (.pdf).

Watch video instructions

Material: ABS Plastic

Made by Lux Blox LLC,
Manufactured in the USA.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 38 × 18 cm

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