Math and Science Creativity Set – small

49.00  incl. VAT

The set contains various types of tubes and connectors, which can easily be adjusted, opening the door to an infinite number of creative solutions.

The 4DFrame kit’s structural variability makes it an excellent educational tool for conceptualizing, modelling, or analyzing topics relevant to all STEAM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).

The set includes:

  • 4DFrame tubes
  • 4DFrame connectors
  • wheels
  • instructions

Additional educational material and building instructions are available from the book The 3rd Soil: 4D Frame. You can purchase it from our webshop.

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The 4DFrame system’s high degree of variability makes it a good medium for the modelling of any type of geometric construction, problem, from planar tessellations to complex spatial structures.

Contents of the box:

Type Code Name Quantity
Tubes 4DCM-002 3cm Tube (Orange) 20
4DCM-002 3cm Tube (Yellow) 120
4DCM-002 3cm Tube (Yellow Green) 40
4DCM-002 3cm Tube (Blue) 50
4DCM-002 3cm Tube (Purple) 40
4DCM-004 6cm Tube (Yellow Green) 30
4DCM-004 6cm Tube (Green) 60
4DCM-004 6cm Tube (Blue) 120
4DCM-004 7cm Tube (Orange) 60
4DCM-006 10cm Tube (Orange) 20
Connectors 4DCM-009 Flat Connector 20
4DCM-010 2-Way Connector 30
4DCM-011 3-Way Connector 30
4DCM-012 4-Way Connector 20
4DCM-013 5-Way Connector 20
4DCM-014 6-Way Connector 60
4DCM-015 8-Way Connector 150
4DCM-017 Question Mark-shaped Connector 20
Other 4DCM-023 Wheel (Type 1) 1


Additional information

Weight 0.46 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15.7 × 4 cm

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