Mondrian Blocks

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Mondrian Blocks is an award-winning STEAM brain teaser puzzle and travel game. Challenge your flexible thinking and problem-solving skills!

The box contains a travel case, 11 blocks and 88 different challenge cards (separated into 4 difficulty levels) in each edition. You can get more challenges by registering your product online.

Mondrian has four editions: Red, Yellow, Blue and White Edition.



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The 88 puzzle challenges in each game provide different levels of difficulty: 22 x Beginner, 22 x Advanced, 22 x Master, 22 x Grandmaster

How to play: 1. Take a card from the card compartment. 2. Place card in the card holder and set up the fixed blocks shown on the card. 3. Find ways to put the other blocks on the board until you complete the challenge.

Playing alternatives: Play alone, in a team or in competitive mode against friends or other teams.

Don’t forget to register your game! Ran out of challenge cards? Register and get more challenges every week:

Digital Mondrian Blocks:

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Dimensions 22 × 17.5 × 5 cm

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