Playful Learning In Early Childhood Education in Finland

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Otava and Finland International Education

Karvonen, Pirkko; Ukkonen-Mikkola, Tuulikki; Fenyvesi, Kristof; Salonen, Milla; Erkkilä, Päivi; Laine, Elina; Hellden-Paavola, Susanna; Taittonen, Laura

This book is intended for all persons working with children aged 0-7 years and who do the important work, for instance, in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) centres, kindergartens, nurseries or schools in all parts of the world. This book can also be used in teaching and training of the professionals of ECEC.

Product form: Paperback

“PLAYFUL LEARNING in Early Childhood Education in Finland is a book full of various activities. The book is planned by professionals who have proved the effectiveness of these activities based on specific theories and research. The book is useful in daycare centres and is needed in teacher education. It can also be an excellent guide for parents in home education. The book guides children to participate and experience joy together. The book itself plays a valuable part in developing children’s culture.”
Ulla Härkönen professor emerita, University of Eastern Finland

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