4DFrame soft blocks, 1200-piece box

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The 4D block is the basic unit of three dimensional expression. 4D block enables free expression for children’s imagination from 2D plane compositions to 3D solid expressions.

The box contains 1200 blocks in two colours: brick red and grey. The size of one block is 6x3x2 cm.

Material: urethane E.V.A

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The 4D block:
  • is safe, light and soft
  • doesn’t cause noise when thrown
  • bears no risk of injury
  • is non-toxic and safe for infants
  • can be washed in soapy water
  • is a fun block children can play without any assistance
  • suggested for preschool education
The 4D block:
  • enables a variety of expressions such as plane and 3D compositions, domino game, maze making, letter combinations (Download the 4D Frame soft block activities book from here (.pdf))
  • increases creativity and imagination
  • while stacked, children improve mathematical thinking, because 4D blocks involve the mathematical concepts of number, quantity, size, shape, area, volume, etc
  • activities strengthen concentration, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills among others
  • group activities assist children in cooperation and group work
Learning fields

Mathematics, logics, and geometry

· Distinction and combination of figure types and shapes
· Memory/logical thinking/problem-solving skill
· Object shapes’ expression/classification/pattern/counting
· Counting/rule finding/basic numerical concept

Creativity, spatial composition, physical activity

· Architecture, space, and position concepts
· Various activities and games
· Spatial perceptual ability/organizing ability/development of fine motor skills
· Expression/imagination/creative thinking

Communication, verbal expression

· Improved hand-eye coordination
· Improved vocabulary/presentation skills
· Multiple letter expressions

Teamwork, emotion, cooperation

· Teamwork/individual development
· Mental cognition/concentration/positive thinking
· Social skills/peer relations/conflict resolution


Download the 4D Frame soft block activities book from here (.pdf)

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 50 × 60 × 50 cm

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