Zometool: C60 – the Fullerene

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Carbon is an amazing element which can take many forms; famously diamond, coal and graphite. In 1985 a new form (allotrope) of carbon, C60, was discovered; it was named the Buckminsterfullerene in honor of R. Buckminster Fuller because the shape of the molecules resembled Fuller’s Geodesic Domes.

With potential applications spanning the gamut from electronics, superconductivity, drug delivery, nanotechnology and more; fullerenes are an exciting part of a future that by today’s tech standards seems downright magical.

Recommended age: 10+.

Total parts: 222

Fullerene instructions (.pdf)

Zometool lesson plans (.pdf)

Produced by Zometool Inc., Boston, USA

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Zometool Kit „C60 Fullerene“

You can see that a carbon molecule, with its 60 carbon atoms, is actually an icosahedron whose  corners have been ‘cut off’: an example of how Zometool can be used to depict natural forms and  reveal the relationships between them.

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