Advanced series

Eggs in the Advanced Series

- 2-Layer Smart Eggs

Labyrinth in the labyrinth, one of a kind concept to roam with the wand through a changing maze (shifting labyrinth layers)

- 3 difficulty levels

The inside labyrinths differ - challenging, difficult and maddening

- For puzzle enthusiasts, age 8+

A feeling of novelty even to experienced puzzlers!

Blue Dragon


Not easy, discover the tricks of the double labyrinth, start here with the Dragon Eggs

Red Dragon


Tricks in the inside maze make it far more difficult than the Blue, may take hours to solve

Black Dragon


The inside maze gets a new trick in every step, very difficult, may take days to solve

2-Layer Eggs How-To

- Insert the wand in the Egg from the top

- Guide the wand (push, pull, turn) through the two labyrinth layers inside the Egg

- Move the inner labyrinth when needed to find the right path

- Free the wand at the bottom

- Warning: do not force the wand or the inner labyrinth, these move easily with the correct solution

- Parts - egg, wand, stand; material - ABS plastic (egg, wand endings), metal (wand)

- Recommended for age 8+, not suitable for children under 3 years

Be patient and you will find your way. Enjoy!

Remember, do not ever force the wand, the right path is always smooth!

Smart Egg won the World Puzzle Championship Grand Prix Award in Washington in 2012.

Smart Egg is a patented product and a registered trademark. All rights reserved.

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Smart Eggs are developed by Smart Egg Production & Licensing PTE. LTD.

Experience Workshop ay is the Smart Egg distributor in Finland and Sweden.
Smart Egg 3D Labyrinth Puzzle is our brain teaser family that has its origins in the Washington Egg – puzzle that won in 2012 the World Puzzle Championship Grand Prix Award in Washington. Based on the worldwide patented concept, we continuously enlarge our collections:

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