Rangers Classroom Coding Kit

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A game that introduces learners to coding concepts, while informing them on the challenge of Game Poaching in Africa. Age group 7-12 beginner and intermediate coding skills (loops and optimal code). 

‘Coding unplugged and demystified’ – Tangible Africa’s Rangers coding game is a fantastic resource for pupils to learn the fundamentals of coding in a way that does not require computers. Pupils will work together to solve puzzles. building their code using physical, tangible jigsaw pieces.

Key Habits of Learning

As your students engage in our workshops they will develop key habits of learning vital for their future education and careers. From problem solving, persistence & perseverance to collaboration, listening and empathising to name but a few.

Engineering Design Process

Throughout our workshops your students will follow the engineering design process.  Defining the problem, brainstorming solutions, developing prototypes and testing and iterating their solutions.

A key framework from problem solving in our daily lives.

Computational Thinking

As your students interact with our materials & coding language they will engage in key computational thinking concepts such as decomposition, pattern recognition, abstraction and algorithms. Enabling students the ability to take complex problems and break them down.

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The Rangers school classroom Coding Kit includes the following components to support a dynamic offline coding experience:

  • Four Lesson Plans: These comprehensive plans guide facilitators through the Tangible Syllabus. Each quarter focuses on a key area: Design Thinking, Coding and Algorithms, Computational Thinking, and Digital Citizenship.
  • Rangers Game Packs (10): Each pack provides 31 instructional puzzle pieces featuring QR codes for use with the Tangible Africa Rangers app. Learners assemble the puzzle pieces to create code sequences that guide them through various game levels.
  • Grid Mat: This mat provides a physical representation of the in-app grid. Facilitators can use it to design custom coding challenges for learners to solve using the puzzle pieces and to play Coding Chess.
  • Black Cloths (10): These cloths optimize image recognition for puzzle pieces when using the Rangers app with lower-quality cameras or in challenging lighting conditions.

The Rangers Coding Kit offers a fun and engaging way for educators to introduce coding concepts and computational thinking, empowering learners without computers or electricity. 


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